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Laser Cutting Robot Machine, Used By Automotive Manufacturers, Cuts Holes Into Automotive Panels - Courtesy of KMT Robotic Solutions


This robotic system, developed by KMT Robotic Solutions, features a FANUC R-2000iB/165F Robot used to laser cut small holes into automotive instrument panels. 

Once the operator loads an automotive instrument panel onto a fixture mounted to the robot, he clears the area and presses the cycle start button and the door closes to protect the operator.  The robot then moves the part in front of a fixed laser equipped with a galvanometer.

The galvanometer is capable of performing multiple, high-speed tasks at each robot position.  As the robot positions the instrument panel, multiple, one-millimeter holes are lased into the surface of the part.  When the lasing process is complete the robot returns the fixture to the operator, the door opens and the operator removes the instrument panel from the fixture.  The holes will later be used to create a vacuum on the B side of the instrument panel to remove any air voids when the cover stock is installed and adhered to the sub-straight of the part.

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Key Technology Demonstrated


FANUC R-2000iB Robot

Laser Cutting Robot
  • The slim arm of the R-2000iB and compact footprint allows for increased robot density, increasing throughput.
  • Compact size and ability to flip over and work behind itself maximizes flexibility for work cell design, and saves valuable floor space.
  • Large allowable wrist moments and inertias meet a variety of heavy handling challenges.
  • Non-rotating forearm simplifies hose and cable dressout increasing service life.
  • Proven, reliable FANUC servo drives provide highest uptime and productivity.
  • High-performance motion yields fast cycle times and high throughput.
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