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New FANUC LR Mate 200iD Robot Assembles Fluorescent Light Frames


FANUC Robotics is proud to introduce the new FANUC LR Mate 200iD six-axis robot. This new robot model from FANUC Robotics is extremely lightweight, compact, and is specifically designed for high speed and precision applications such as machine tending, material handling, assembly, picking, packing and material removal. 

In this video, the new LR Mate 200iD uses iRVision to pick socket parts from a conveyor and assembles them at high speeds on a fluorescent light frame. This precise assembly operation demonstrates the new LR Mate 200iD robot's flexible mounting in this - a ceiling-mounted operation. It also demonstrates the robot's bottom cable exit feature.

This intelligent mini-robot features a 7 kg payload, a slim arm with integrated power, signal and air, and flexible mounting for easy integration. The new LR Mate 200iD robot is a versatile solution for a wide range of manufacturing operations that require access into small spaces. The robot's slim arm is about the same size as a human arm, and offers a bottom cable exit option to minimize interference with peripheral devices. The new LR Mate 200iD offers a best in class work envelope for both upright and invert mount installations.

Interested in the LR Mate 200iD Robot? Follow the link to request a quote, or learn more about our full line of Assembly Robots.


Key Technology Demonstrated


FANUC LR Mate 200iD Robot

  • Slim arm minimizes interference to peripheral devices and allows operation in narrow spaces.
  • Lightest mechanical unit in its class enables easy system integration and installation flexibility with multiple mounting methods.
  • The most advanced servo technology and highly rigid arm enable smooth motion without vibration in high-speed operations.
  • Enhanced wrist load capacity allows for greater efficiency and the ability to handle mutiple workpieces.
  • IP69K (option) for mechanical unit provides enhanced dust and water protection in harsh environments. Available bottom cable exit (option) also protects cable from harsh envirnments.
  • Vision and force sensor cables (option), auxiliary axis cable (option), solenoid valve, air tube and I/0 cable for device control are integrated into the arm for easy cable handling.
  • Various intelligent features are available as an option, such as iRVision (integrated vision) and force sensing.
  • High performance R-30iB Mate controller enables reliable operation under a factory environment with dust and oil mist.
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