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FANUC M-1iA Pick and Place Robot Blister Packs Small Weld Tips


The FANUC M-1iA Delta-style Robot is an ideal choice for picking and packing of small parts at extremely high speeds and with a great deal of accuracy. The four-axis, 0.5S model seen here weighs a mere 14 kilograms, or approximately 30 pounds, making it ideal for work in tight spaces. 

This M-1iA/0.5S is picking and blister packing weld tips at speeds of 120 picks per minute. Its single-axis wrist offers speeds up to 3,000 degrees per second. Toward the end of its cycle, the robot slows down to a much slower pace to show the versatility of its parallel link design. While the robot is picking at a fast rate, it is also rotating the weld tips 180 degrees before placing them in the adjacent case.

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Key Technology Demonstrated


FANUC M-1iA Robot (Product Information Sheet)

FANUC M-1iA Pick and Place Robot
  • Ideal for small part assembly and picking and packing applications.
  • Lightweight and compact size.
  • Ability to work in small spaces.
  • iRVision is built-in.
  • Can be installed in multiple orientations.
  • 4-axis and 6-axis variants.
  • A 3 axis wrist makes the M-1iA extremely flexible and versatile compared to traditional SCARA robots.
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