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FANUC Certified Educational Robot Training (CERT) Cart with iRVision and Conveyor


A FANUC M-1iA six axis CERT cart robot with iRVision picks and places bearings from a conveyor.

The robot first locates the randomly placed bearings with iRVision, then picks the bearings from the incoming conveyor and places them onto a tray. FANUC iRVision can be used for tasks such as part location, part placement and error proofing.

FANUC CERT carts can be equipped with an optional magnetic end of arm tool and conveyor for enhanced education curriculum capabilities. The robot demonstrates its speed and range of motion after each cycle completes.

Learn more about FANUC Robotics' Certified Education Robot Training (CERT) Carts.

Key Technology Demonstrated


M-1iA CERT Cart

  • Cell successful in the educational program
  • M-1iA addition to the Education market
  • Mobile training capabilities including portable air compressor
  • Magnetic End of arm tooling option
  • iRVision identifying random location of bearings
  • New conveyor option for enhanced education curriculum capabilities
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