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The FANUC M-1iA CERT cart has a mobile design that fits through standard doorways for easy transfer to many locations. No setup is required and the cell runs on a standard 110 VAC power supply. The FANUC M-1iA CERT Cell demonstrates real world applications and the instructors certification is included. Students achieve certification and the cell includes complete industry software. The cell runs in a safe and controlled environment and comes with standard integrated vision. The 6-axis unit delta robot is extremely flexible and force sensing and conveyors are available as well.


Key Technology Demonstrated


M-1iA CERT Cell

  • Easily portable cart includes heavy duty wheels and fits thru standard doorways
  • Does not require any special power requirements (uses std outlet)
  • Can be used for advanced math (coordinates), science, engineering
  • Comes with simulation so can be used in drafting or cad courses, programming, physics, quality control (use of vision)
  • No installation required, ready to us upon delivery
  • Ladder logic within controller
  • New robot platform
  • Not scaled down version- educational cart package is same as used in industry
  • Thorough instructor training – not just one or two days
  • Instructor Certification
  • Can include conveyor or force sensor