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Fixtureless Machine Loading


In a robotically loaded machining cell, non value added part nests and locating pins are virtually eliminated. Only the fixture used during machining is required reducing the overall cost of an un-tended machining cell. You will see an R-2000iB/165F unload a machined channel plate from a FANUC Alpha T-14i Robodrill and places it onto an air blow-off stand. While the part is being dried the R-2000iB robot uses iRVision® 3DL to find the location and orientation of an unfinished channel plate inside a wire basket. The robot picks the channel plate and loads it into a Robodrill, where it undergoes a simulated machining process. The robot then retrieves the dried part from the blow-off stand and places it into the different wire basket. Over time the R-2000iB robot removes all the unfinished parts from one wire basket, loads them into the FANUC Robodrill, places them onto the blow-off stand and then load the finished parts in the second wire basket. The cycle then reverses and repeats.


Key Technology Demonstrated

  • R-2000iB/165F – the world's most reliable, highest-volume 6-axis robot with the widest in-class range of motion with J3 flip-over and all mounting positions.
  • R-2000iB robots have a full 6 axes articulation to allow complete flexibility for handling large parts
  • iRVision® 3DL is the only fully integrated vision system available.  The vision processor is seamlessly integrated into every R-30iA robot controller.
  • iRVision® 3DL allows the robot to pick loosely located parts, avoiding the need for expensive fixtures to precisely locate the parts.
  • iRVision® 3DL setup is done using a standard PC and Windows Explorer.  After setup is complete the PC is disconnected since it's not required for production.  Users can check what the vision system “sees” using the standard robot teach pendant.
  • DCS, Dual Check Safety, allows virtual barriers to be programmed so that the safety of the system can be maintained. A side benefit is that once a “risk assessment” has been completed, there can be benefits such as reduced cell size and reduced dynamic limiting device cost.
  • The R-2000iB is connected to the FANUC Robodrill with FANUC's I/O Link, requiring only two cable connections and a simple I/O setup. I/O Link can also be used to connect two FANUC robots for simple I/O communications.
  • Higher level communications, between robots or from a robot to other devices, can be accomplished using one or both ethernet ports in the robot controller.
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