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Three Food Robots Pick & Place Seasoning Sachets - Courtesy of Flexicell


A popular robot among food manufacturers in need of high-speed picking solutions, the FANUC M-1iA robot is lightweight and compact, designed for small part picking and handling applications such as the one seen in this video, courtesy of FANUC Robotics Authorized Integrator, Flexicell.

In this video, three FANUC M-1iA robots work along a conveyor to pick and place small sachets containing a seasoning ingredient, and deposit them into serving cups. The first robot on the line is the "hungriest" of the three robots, working to handle every available sachet it can process.

The second robot along the conveyor is intended to fill cups that aren't filled by the first robot. When the video is slowed down you can see that the robot only fills cups that haven;t been filled by the first robot. A timing screw is used to space the cups evenly and conveys them through the system. In the case of this system, the infeed load balancing is deliberately not evenly distributed. In the rare instance that a cup is not filled by the first two robots, a third robot picks and loads all remaining sachets to ensure 100% fill.

All three robots are coordinated by FANUC Robotics' PickTool application software.

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