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FANUC Industrial Robot Application Case Studies

The AR Series Robotic Case Packer is the perfect solution for packing bags, bottles, cases, cans, or bundles into boxes or any other rigid container. Courtesy of FANUC Authorized Integrator Premier Tech, this system utilizes...

The FANUC M-3iA/12H picks parts four at a time from a high-speed indexing conveyor and loads them into a tray conveyor. The indexing conveyor is running at 300 indexes per minute. The robot utilizes conveyor tracking and FANUC PickTool software.

ACE's "Five In-Five Out" robotic palletizing system consists of five input conveyors for incoming product and five output conveyors for palletized products. Five lanes of food cases are brought into the robot cell and merged into three lanes.

A pharmaceutical FANUC's six-axis M-1iA Delta Robot uses robotic vision to pick and sort different colored pills at high speeds in a parmaceutical manufacturing application.

The AR-200 Series Robotic Palletizer from FANUC Authorized Integrator Premier Tech combines FANUC robots and Premier Tech's ability to provide its customers with adapted solutions for automated palletizing and layer forming.

This robotic drum lidding system, developed by FANUC Authorized Integrator Precision Automated Technology, automates the complex process of placing and securing lids on open-head 55-gallon drums.

The PTR-1030 Series Open-Mouth Bagger is a highly versatile, reliable and precise state-of-the-art system that can adapt to applications that require multiple bag materials, bag sizes and bag closing devices. It uses...

Quebec-based Innovation Partner CRIQ developed this FSW system to utilize the FANUC M-900iB robot to perform the welding process. FSW requires a large amount of down force to plunge at the start and maintain tool orientation, so...

The portable CERT robot cart seen in this video features the versatile, six-axis M-1iA/0.5A delta-style robot. This robot is equipped with an iRVision camera that is used to locate plastic wheels on a tray and deburr them.

Flame treating and automation expert RLS Enterprises developed this robotic flame-treating cell to treat circuit boards. The flame treating process offers many advantages in treating the surfaces of a variety of manufactured products.