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Machining Robot Loads & Unloads Parts From Machine Tool & Gauging System - Courtesy of GOSIGER Automation


This innovative machine tool system consists of the Hardinge T 51 SP Turning Center, Gosiger Automation Engineering, the Renishaw Gauging System, and the FANUC M-10iA Robot as it loads and unloads the machine tool and gauging system.

In the system, the M-10iA Robot picks the part from an inbound part staging system. It repositions the part and loads the main spindle, repositions again, and unloads the sub-spindle. This system features the Renishaw "Equator" Comparative Gauging System. The robot repositions again, and loads the Renishaw gauge. This FANUC M-10iA robot is equipped with FANUC Robotics Dual Check Safety or DCS. DCS Position and Speed Check software option provides safety rated speed and position monitoring without additional hardware or external switches or relays.

The robot unloads the finished part, and deposits it onto the outbound staging system. The position of the robot in this system is unique in that it is mounted to the side of the machine, reaching around the door to perform its load and unload routine. This allows operator access and eliminates any obstructions between the operator and the machine tool. 

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Key Technology Demonstrated


FANUC M-10iA Robot

Machine Tool Load Robot
  • iRVision integrated Vision Package.
  • Weighs only 130kg but carries a payload of 10kg.
  • 2D vision cables included as a standard option.
  • Highest axis speeds and repeatability in its class.
  • Robot can be floor, angle, wall, or ceiling mounted.
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