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FANUC Robotics Learning Vibration Control (LVC) Software, "Gakushu" Robot Demonstrates Higher Robot Speed & Accuracy


LVC is a breakthrough product for operations that require increased accuracy at high speeds allowing the robot to operate with less vibration, even at maximum speed. A FANUC R-2000iB/165F robot simulates drilling an aerospace panel. Without the Learning Vibration Control software, the cycle time is 11.5 seconds. With the LVC software, the cycle time is 14% faster finishing in 9.9 seconds.

FANUC Robotics high accuracy solution provides absolute accuracy in a given area allowing the robot to be accurately positioned. Secondary encoders allow the robot to accurately locate the tool and drill holes.

iRVision snaps an image to yield edge positions after the part has been altered. The edge positions create a path to guide the robot around the object. The first path simulates cutting with a waterjet or plasma cutter. The second path applies a tool offset to the path for material removal.

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Key Technology Demonstrated


R-2000iB Robot

  • The slim arm of the R-2000iB and compact footprint allows for increased robot density, increasing throughput.
  • Compact size and ability to flip over and work behind itself maximizes flexibility for work cell design, and saves valuable floor space.
  • Large allowable wrist moments and inertias meet a variety of heavy handling challenges.
  • Non-rotating forearm simplifies hose and cable dressout increasing service life.
  • Proven, reliable FANUC servo drives provide highest uptime and productivity.
  • High-performance motion yields fast cycle times and high throughput.

High Accuracy Positioning Using LVC and an R-2000iB/165F Robot

FANUC Robotics' Learning Vibration Control (LVC) allows the robot to learn its vibration characteristics for higher accelerations and speeds After a path is taught, an accelerometer is added to the tool, and the path is run several times in order for LVC to collect learning data. Using the retrieved data, the robot optimizes the motion to have shorter accelerations while keeping vibration to a minimum The accelerometer is only used during the learning process.

LVC, along with integrated iRVision and secondary encoders, work together to provide a highly accurate solution suitable for the aerospace industry. LVC, when used, can decrease cycle times while maintaining accuracy within or beating industry-standard acceptable tolerances.

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