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Robotic Layer Forming & Palletizing Water Bottles - Hartness International


FANUC America offers an extensive lineup of industrial palletizing robots with a variety of payloads to suit any palletizing application on the market. FANUC Authorized Integrator, Hartness International, specialize in systems used for the packaging and palletizing industries. This Hartness system features FANUC Robots used to layer form and palletize cases of water bottles.

First, a slip-sheet dispensing robot picks sheets from the supply pallet into a buffering hopper. The hopper assists in squaring the sheets and allows the system to run continuously during pallet exchange of the supply pallet. The video shows a slow-motion run of the Hartness High Speed Palletizer. This palletizing system features a FANUC M-420iA Layer Forming Robot. The robot positively positions and orients each case of bottles at speeds up to 60 cases/minute to form almost any layer pattern. Once a layer is completed, it is transferred to a FANUC M-410iB/700 Layer Handling Robot, where it is lifted and transferred onto a pallet at the correct height.

FANUC Authorized Integrator Hartness International offers premier automation solutions for a wide variety of applications. To learn more about Hartness, please visit their website at

Interested in this Layer Forming/Palletizing System? Follow the link to request a quote, or learn more about our full line of Palletizing Robots.


Key Technology Demonstrated


FANUC M-420iA Robot

  • FANUC line tracking encoder with associated software to monitor part position on conveyor.
  • Highest motion speeds in its class for maximum performance and productivity.
  • Four-axes dexterity enables access to multiple packaging lines with one unit.
  • IP67 rating allowing them to work in harsh environments.
  • Highest payload in its class helps achieve maximum throughput by handling multiple parts.

FANUC M-410iB Robot

  • Compact wrist minimizes interference with peripheral devices.
  • Integrated cable routing speeds up system installation and avoids cable snags.
  • Compact design allows installation into low-ceiling factories and tight work spaces.
  • Proven, reliable FANUC servo drives highest uptime and productivity.
  • Able to operate in environments ranging from harsh to traditional factory floor.
  • Can be mounted on the floor or a platform/riser.
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