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Loading Makino Mill


A FANUC 6-axis M-16iB robot picks a raw part from the conveyor and then loads the Makino mill. The full articulation of the FANUC 6-axes robot allows secondary operations, like deburring, to be done. The robot places the part from the first mill on the re-grip stand and picks the next raw part. The robot performs a gripper change to allow the part to be reoriented for the 2nd Makino mill. The finished part is removed from the 2nd mill, it is then reoriented and placed on the exit conveyor. The partially finished part is picked from the re-grip stand, reoriented, and loaded to the 2nd Makino mill.


Key Technology Demonstrated

Made For Machine Tools
  • Increased productivity. Robots increase machine production by up to 20% over traditional methods.
  • Perform secondary operations. For longer machining times robot can perform deburring or guaging of finished parts.
  • Improved Ergonomics. Robot can eliminate workman's compensation and operator safety issues with moving heavy parts.
  • Increased Quality. Built-in vision can 100% inspect.
  • Robot repeatability assures placement in chuck.
  • Eliminate Fixtures. Vision can be used to find parts on belt conveyor(2D) or on pallet(3D).