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Locate and pick randomly place rubber erasers


Two FANUC four-axis M-1iA robots using iRVision visual tracking locate and pick randomly placed rubber erasers from a moving conveyor at high speeds. The M-1iA’s flexibility and speed far exceed the capabilities of other vertically-articulated or SCARA-type robots. The M-1iA’s compact size allows operation in small spaces. The M-1iA robot is ideal for picking or packing a variety of products, even the most fragile.


Key Technology Demonstrated

M-1 iA robot
  • Ideal for small part assembly and picking and packing applications.
  • Lightweight and compact size.
  • Ability to work in small spaces.
  • iRVision is built-in.
  • Can be installed in multiple orientations.
  • 4-axis and 6-axis variants.
  • A 3 axis wrist makes the M-1 iA extremely flexible and versatile compared to traditional SCARA robots