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FANUC M-10iA Robotic Polishing of Plumbing Handles - Courtesy of Acme Manufacturing


This robotic polishing application case study features an automated cell polishing plumbing handles using a FANUC M-10iA short arm invert mount robot with an R-30iA compact controller.

An operator loads parts onto an index table, which then rotates 180 degrees to present unfinished parts to the waiting M-10iA robot. The Robot picks up a part and moves it through a laser to confirm it is properly positioned in the gripper. Once the part position is confirmed, the robot takes the part to an abrasive belt head and grinds and polishes the edge surfaces. The end of arm tooling rotates the part to finish all sides consistently. 

The robot then places the part onto a turn around stand to reposition and grind the other side. Two different grades of sand paper are used to ensure the parts are finished to the proper specification. The customer in this case study achieved production rates of up to 240 parts per hour. This system was custom designed by Acme Manufacturing.

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Key Robot Technology Demonstrated


M-10iA Robot

Paint Robot Paints Car Body
  • iRVision integrated Vision Package.
  • Weighs only 130kg but carries a payload of 10kg.
  • 2D vision cables included as a standard option.
  • Highest axis speeds and repeatability in its class.
  • Robot can be floor, angle, wall, or ceiling mounted.
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