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FANUC M-2000iA Part Transfer Robot Used in Car Body Transfer


The World's strongest six-axis robot, a FANUC M-2000iA robot is used to transfer full auto bodies between conveyor systems. The M-2000iA robot picks up a complete auto body, which combined with the end of arm tool, weighs almost 1,500 pounds, with the center of gravity almost a full meter out from the faceplate.

The M-2000iA repositions the full auto body 5.5 meters to the adjacent carrier. This M-2000iA robotic vehicle transfer is fully programmable, transferring two different body styles using the same tooling with flexibility to adapt for additional future body styles. The M-2000iA robot series are more flexible, reliable and cost effective than custom designed transfer machines providing customers with increased capability, equipment availability, uptime and faster return on investment.

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Key Technology Demonstrated


M-2000iA Robot

  • Ideal for heavy duty material handling.
  • World’s longest horizontal stroke on the 900L of 8.2 meters or 26 ft and 10.83 inches.
  • World’s longest vertical stroke on the 900L of 6.2 meters or 20 ft and 4 inches.
  • Payloads of 900kg and 1200kg with an option for 1350kg.
  • The 1350kg option still allows for full wrist articulation.
  • Full six-axis articulation.
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