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World's Strongest Six-Axis Robot Transfers Large Parts to FANUC ROBODRILL Machine Tool


The World's strongest six-axis robot - A FANUC M-2000iA/1200 equipped with iRVision/3DL - demonstrates its high capacity payload and wrist by handling parts weighing up to 1350 kg.

The M-2000iA/1200 uses iRVision/3DL to locate a FANUC ROBODRILL base and a servo-gripper. The robot then attaches to the servo-gripper and uses it to pick and place the FANUC ROBODRILL base into a mock machine tool. The robot places and disconnects from the servo-gripper, locates a 1,350kg steel block on a pallet and transfers it to a digital scale. The robot re-attaches the servo-gripper and removes the FANUC ROBODRILL base from the mock machine tool.

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Key Features and Benefits


M-2000iA/1200 Robot

  • M-2000iA/900L standard payload is 900kg
  • M-2000iA/1200 standard payload is 1200 kg with a1350 kg payload option
  • Vertical lifting stroke of 6.2 m (M-2000iA/900L)
  • Rigid arm offers stable transferring of heavy payloads
  • Strongest wrist in the world handles super heavy products with stability
  • Wrist is IP67 protected for operation in harsh environments
  • Built-in vision and force sensing
  • Reduces costs associated with fixed automation

Integrated (built-in) Vision

The FANUC iRVision system is a ready-to-use robotic vision package, available on all FANUC robots, requiring only a camera and cable – no additional processing hardware. It has a 2D robot guidance tool to accomplish part location, error proofing, and other operations that normally require special sensors or custom fixtures. For robotic vision processes that exceed the capability of 2D vision systems, FANUC Robotics offers an integrated 3D vision system.

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