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FANUC M-3iA Food Grade Robot Picks Cookies


In this application case study of a FANUC food grade robot, a FANUC M-3iA/6A 6-axis robot uses iRVision Visual Tracking to locate randomly-oriented cookies on an infeed conveyor. The cookies are then picked and placed into a slotted magazine at 90 degree angles.

The M-3iA robot's unique design makes it possible to automate the assembly of a variety of applications that could not be done with traditional SCARA type robots. The extreme flexibility offered by the three-axis wrist enables the robot to pick up and insert parts at simple or compound angles, and twist parts into place.

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Key Technology Demonstrated


M-3iA Robot

  • Available in a 4-axis or 6-axis designs
  • iRVision and FANUC force control are supported on both models
  • Unique parallel-link design maximizes speed and acceleration
  • Higher speed and acceleration reduces number of robots needed for an application, condensing overall footprint of a manufacturing system
  • Six-axis design (three-axis wrist) enables part feeding from the sides of a work zone, increasing the useable workspace
  • Four-axis design (single-axis wrist) moves parts at extremely high speeds
  • Food option with food-grade grease features a special coating to handle acid and alkaline disinfectants, and low-pressure rinsing
  • Ability to work with primary (unpackaged) or secondary (packaged) food products

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