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Robotic Packing of Cookie Boxes


In this robotic application suitable for the food industry, A FANUC M-420iA robot equipped with FANUC's iRVision Visual Tracking, picks and packs boxes of cookies at high speeds in an automated packing machine.

The M-420iA is designed for a variety of high-speed manufacturing applications including picking, packing, palletizing, material handling, machine load/unload and parts transfer. Visual line tracking provides the flexibility to handle multiple products on the same automation line, eliminating the need for costly fixtures and reducing changeover time. The M-420iA is the fastest four-axis packing robot, with 57 cycles per minute for the benchmark packing cycle.

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Key Technology Demonstrated


M-420iA Robot

  • FANUC line tracking encoder with associated software to monitor part position on conveyor.
  • Highest motion speeds in its class for maximum performance and productivity.
  • Four-axes dexterity enables access to multiple packaging lines with one unit.
  • IP67 rating allowing them to work in harsh environments.
  • Highest payload in its class helps achieve maximum throughput by handling multiple parts.
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