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M-710iT robot loading multiple machine tools


A FANUC M-710iT robot loading multiple machine tools. The M-710iT top loader robots have a 70 kg payload. A dual part gripper is used for the machine tool unload to speed up the cycle time required to remove the parts. The use of the M-710iT top load or articulated gantry offers the advantage of tipping the part to remove the coolant and also loading the part in either a horizontal or vertical format. Since the top loaders are mounted to an overhead rail, the floor space around the machine tool is free for maintenance access


Key Technology Demonstrated

  Made For Machine Tools
  • Increased productivity. Robots increase machine production by up to 20% over traditional methods.
  • Perform secondary operations. For longer machining times robot can perform deburring or guaging of finished parts.
  • Improved Ergonomics. Robot can eliminate workman's compensation and operator safety issues with moving heavy parts.
  • Increased Quality. Built-in vision can 100% inspect.
  • Robot repeatability assures placement in chuck.
  • Eliminate Fixtures. Vision can be used to find parts on belt conveyor(2D) or on pallet(3D).


M-710 iT robot
  • Services multiple vertical and/or horizontal machines.
  • Adapts easily to existing plant layouts.
  • Performs value-added processing operations such as gauging, deburring, deflashing, and labeling, in addition to basic material handling tasks.
  • 70 kg payload capacity.
  • Balances asynchronous processes by maintaining in-process part buffers.
  • Improves machine productivity by as much as 30 percent.