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Machine Tool Load and Unload


A FANUC M-710iC robot loading and unloading multiple machine tools. The 50kg M-710iC robot offers a good combination of reach and payload for machine tool load and unload. The use of a linear track extends the range of the robot while allowing the robot to service both sides of the track. The robot carriage can also be used to carry raw and finished parts between operations.


Key Technology Demonstrated

  Made For Machine Tools
  • Increased productivity. Robots increase machine production by up to 20% over traditional methods.
  • Perform secondary operations. For longer machining times robot can perform deburring or guaging of finished parts.
  • Improved Ergonomics. Robot can eliminate workman's compensation and operator safety issues with moving heavy parts.
  • Increased Quality. Built-in vision can 100% inspect.
  • Robot repeatability assures placement in chuck.
  • Eliminate Fixtures. Vision can be used to find parts on belt conveyor(2D) or on pallet(3D).


M-710 iC Robot
  • Best joint speeds in its class maximizing cycle time and throughput.
  • One of the largest work envelopes in its class.
  • Multiple mounting solutions.
  • Compact size and ability to flip over and work behind itself maximizes flexibility for work cell design, and saves valuable floor space.
  • Built to withstand demanding industrial environments with high reliability.