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Robotics Training Course for the Classroom: Students, Teachers at Madison College Succeed through FANUC iCERT Robot Training Program


Located in the heart of Madison, Wisconsin, Madison Area Technical College is one of the largest of 16 schools in the Wisconsin Technical College System. It serves some 40,000 people and 12 counties in south-central Wisconsin. Madison College was recently named a partner in providing mobile technical training opportunities to restore the economic health of the region. Through a grant from the Economic Development Administration (EDA), Madison College purchased FANUC Robotics' Certified Education Robot Training Carts, or CERT Carts, in order to train students in Advanced Automated Manufacturing.

"Having the FANUC CERT Carts is essential for our students to get the hands-on experience to use a teach pendant, to program a robot, jog a robot. Those are the skills they need to have to succeed at their job." - Peter Dettmer, Madison College Advanced Automation Instructor

The CERT program certifies instructors at high schools, trades schools, community colleges and universities to train their students to program FANUC robots through on-line and hands-on training courses.

"What I found beneficial sending employees to Madison College was - we recently had a big change in the way we manufactured our product which included a lot of automation and a lot of robots. Specifically the training that Madison College provided gave them the basic skills, knowledge and ability to take care of some of the everyday tasks and interaction we have with our robots here at our facility." - Rick, Maintenance Manager

"With the FANUC CERT Carts, our enrollment more than doubled. Students were attracted to the training classes because of the hands-on experience they would get." - Peter Dettmer

"The biggest thing that attracted me to Madison College was the availability of new technology - State of the art technology that I use in my workplace every day. Before I received instructions my confidence level wasn't there. The knowledge gained on how to safely jog the robots using the CERT Cart was invaluable." - Aaron, Former Madison College Student

As more companies incorporate robotics into their operations, the demand for high paying careers related to designing, implementing and using industrial robots is increasing. FANUC CERT significantly enhances student learning and provides training for real-world applications with real-world industrial robots.

"Where I started I walked in not knowing anything about this. With the idea of wanting to implement a robot in our machining facility to feed a CNC lathe, now I feel that I have the confidence in order to do that." - Neil, Current Madison College Student

To learn more about advanced manufacturing training options at Madison College, please visit their website at

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Standard M-1iA CERT and LR Mate 200iC CERT Cells include the following:


All CERT Carts Include:

Heavy Payload Robot FANUC M-2000iA

Additional Options:

  • Force Sensor
  • Conveyor
  • Vision Lighting Kit

Features and Benefits

  • Fits through standard doorways
  • No set up or installation is required
  • Cart uses standard 120 VAC power supply
  • Demonstrates real-world applications for a variety of industries, including: aerospace, automotive, alternative energy, consumer goods, food, machine tool, and pharmaceutical
  • Valuable instructor and student certification from the leading supplier of robotic automation
  • CERT Cart training is exclusively offered by FANUC Robotics
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