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LT10D Machine Tender with FANUC M-10iA Robot - Courtesy of Automated Cells & Equipment


This video features the latest generation of machine tenders developed by FANUC Robotics Authorized Integrators Automated Cells & Equipment. This, their Model LT10D Machine Tender, utilizes the FANUC M-10iA Robot.

The machine tending process starts when an operator loads three of the conveniently located drawers outside the robot cell and starts the machine tool cycle. The FANUC M-10iA Robot opens the top drawer, grips the first part, and begins the machine tending process. Finished parts may be loaded back into the drawer, or placed on a takeaway conveyor and removed from the system.

Automated Cells & Equipment Model LT10D Machine Tender is a drawer-based robotic machine tending solution that can be matched with a FANUC M-10iA or FANUC M-20iA six-axis, articulated robot. This system provides a flexible part handling system for tending virtually any machine tool including CNC lathes, mills or grinders. The LT10D frees up valuable operator time and maximizes the run time of the machine tool, leading to increased throughput and production. Even "lights out" production is possible with the LT10D.

Sample parts are just a push button away. When requested, the LT10D will produce a sample part to the operator via a slide chute. This allows the operator to validate part quality and make on-the-fly adjustments to the machine tool without interrupting the production process. A convenient tabletop is provided above the drawer system for the location of gages and other quality check materials.

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Key Technology Demonstrated


FANUC M-10iA Robot

ACE Machine Tender MT10D
  • iRVision integrated Vision Package.
  • Weighs only 130kg but carries a payload of 10kg.
  • 2D vision cables included as a standard option.
  • Highest axis speeds and repeatability in its class.
  • Robot can be floor, angle, wall, or ceiling mounted.
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