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FANUC P-500iA Painting Robots Paint, Prime & Seal a Car Body


This process of painting a car body starts with multiple rail mounted FANUC P-500iA robots applying color specific primer to the car body as it slowly moves through a paint booth. The robots will perform a color change, if the next vehicle is assigned a different color. This ensures that each coat of paint is pure and consistent. Each paint booth has a downdraft ventilation system to keep the air clean and free of dust and debris.

After the primer is applied, the car moves into the basecoat booth where it is evenly and consistently coated with silver basecoat by multiple rail mounted FANUC P-700iA and P-500iA robots. The P-500iA robots painting process parameters are controlled by the FANUC R30iA robot controller . The FANUC P-20iA door and P-25iA hood/hatch openers assist the P-700iA rail mounted robots to ensure the car body interior panels are completely coated.

After the interiors are completed, FANUC P-500iA robots apply the silver basecoat to the vehicle's exterior to meet the customer's film build and quality specifications. The paint process continues into the next booth where a clear coat is applied to the car body's interior and exterior surfaces to give the vehicle a smooth, protective shine. 

After the clearcoat is applied by multiple rail mounted FANUC P-500iA and P-700iA robots, the car body goes through a series of ovens to bake the paint materials onto the body, thus finishing the paint process. This car is painted 100% robotically to insure the highest quality at the lowest possible cost to the OEM.

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FANUC Painting Robots Offer:

Paint Robot Paints Car Body
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  • 25 Years in Robotic Painting.
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  • Over 8,000 Paint Robots Market Wide Since 1982.
  • Complete Support Network.
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