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Packaging Bags of Olives


FANUC M-420iA robot packaging olives as part of a fully automated packaging system. The system changes over quickly between 5lb. and 20oz. bags by changing robot grippers. The robot has a unique constant-radius gripper design which minimizes interference with the case during packing. Robot motion combined with placement sequence creates the required case packing patterns.


Key Technology Demonstrated

M-420 iA robot
  • FANUC line tracking encoder with associated software to monitor part position on conveyor.
  • Highest motion speeds in its class for maximum performance and productivity.
  • Four-axes dexterity enables access to multiple packaging lines with one unit.
  • IP67 rating allowing them to work in harsh environments.
  • Highest payload in its class helps achieve maximum throughput by handling multiple parts.
  • Loads are easily balanced between robots with PickTool and ROBOGUIDE PickPRO software.