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Painting Robots Paint Camouflage Patterns on A Vehicle


Two FANUC P-250iA/15 paint robots paint camouflage patterns on this vehicle. The robots have provided improved painting consistency of gun target distances and sprays, while eliminating paint sags and runs. Precision gun triggers reduce waste, while delivering paint more consistently. Robot spray patterns eliminate the need for camouflage templates saving time and material costs. Camouflage patterns are programmed offline and easily handle vehicle variations.

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Key Technology Demonstrated

P-250iA Robot
  • Sags and runs are eliminated with improved consistency of gun target distances and sprays.
  • FM hazardous approval for Class I and II, Div. 1, Groups C,D,E,F,G environments.
  • Payload sized to carry a variety of applications including conventional and electrostatics air spray guns and rotary atomizers.
  • Family of standard support columns provide multiple robot height options.
  • Supports on-site elevation adjustment.
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