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FANUC R-1000iA Spot Welding Robot Re-spots Automotive Sub-assembly


iRVision Weld Tip Inspection is used to check for proper tip configuration and alignment. FANUC's iRVision Error Proofing is used to confirm weld stud presence on the sub-assembly. The FANUC R-1000iA/100F robot has a 100kg payload and features a slim design, allowing customers to reduce the overall size of their automation system.

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Key Technology Demonstrated



  • Very small footprint reduces size of automation system.
  • High-density installations allow work to be completed in fewer stations.
  • Single-robot work cells can be designed to fit in tight spaces.
  • High-speed operation minimizes robot cycle times.
  • IP67 rated wrist allows operation in wet conditions.
  • The latest R-30iA robot controller offers a variety of intelligent functions including iRVision, Force Sensing, ROBOGUIDE, Robot Link, and Collision Guard.
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