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All-in-one Robotic Machining System Uses New 3D Bin Picking Technology to Manufacture Highest Quality Parts


Designed for a variety of material handling and machine tending applications, the new six-axis FANUC M-20iA/20M Robot is a variation of the M-20iA series of FANUC Robots, with a reach of 1.81 meters and a 20 kg payload.


In this bin picking application, the new M-20iA/20M picks automotive parts from a bin using the new FANUC iRVision 3D Area Sensor. The robot loads and unloads the parts to two FANUC ROBODRILL machine tools. Strong and rigid, the M-20iA/20M offers an enhanced wrist and higher speeds than previous models. Its large hollow wrist offers easy routing of cables and tubes, eliminating cable management issues. Its compact size also allows it to operate in tight workspaces.

The vision system used in this application includes the new high-speed FANUC 3D Area Sensor, which provides full 3D maps in one quick vision shot. This 3D Area Sensor technology is truly unique to the industry. It's an easy-to-use vision tool that allows bin picking setup through the iPendant in a matter of minutes. In addition to machine tending, the M-20iA/20M is a great solution for precision cutting, or handling larger products such as LCD panels.

All hardware and software in this system is designed by FANUC specifically for FANUC robots, providing manufacturers with a one-stop solution to meet their production needs.

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