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Seriously Efficient Machining Process Uses Robot Arm for Loading Two FANUC ROBODRILL Machines


Engineered to meet all machining needs for its class, the FANUC ROBODRILL is a high-speed, high-precision small machining center. FANUC ROBODRILL is available in three different-sized models in order to accommodate a variety of parts. The High Power Version ROBODRILL Model Alpha-D14SiA5 Model seen here includes a 300 millimeter table, however ROBODRILL models with 500 and 700 millimeter tables are also available. A 4th axis DDR rotary table, 5 axes of motion and the latest and greatest FANUC CNC 31i-B5 controller complete this machine.


The system also incorporates FANUC's new LR Mate 200iD Robot for the loading and unloading of the FANUC ROBODRILLs. The six-axis LR Mate 200iD is the lightest mechanical unit in its class. Its slim arm makes it ideal for machine load and unload applications where minimal interference in peripheral devices and the ability to work in narrow spaces is required. Integrating the robot with the ROBODRILLs in this way creates an overall small system footprint.

Here, the FANUC LR Mate 200iD is loading and unloading injector nozzles from two FANUC ROBODRILLs, one on each side. A very unique system feature is the ROBODRILL's Servo Doors. These integrated servo-controlled doors are opened and closed by the robot's extended axis, synchronizing the robot and the ROBODRILL with coordinated motion. This allows the doors to be opened and closed at amazingly fast speeds for quick load and unload of the ROBODRILLs. The system also uses FANUC Machine Tool Connection software for fast transfer of data via Ethernet between the FANUC robot and ROBODRILL to the FANUC CNC, providing easy operation and a streamlined execution.

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Key Technology Demonstrated


LR Mate 200iD Robot

  • Slim arm minimizes interference to peripheral devices and allows operation in narrow spaces.
  • Lightest mechanical unit in its class enables easy system integration and installation flexibility with multiple mounting methods.
  • The most advanced servo technology and highly rigid arm enable smooth motion without vibration in high-speed operations.
  • Enhanced wrist load capacity allows for greater efficiency and the ability to handle mutiple workpieces.
  • IP69K (option) for mechanical unit provides enhanced dust and water protection in harsh environments. Available bottom cable exit (option) also protects cable from harsh envirnments.
  • Vision and force sensor cables (option), auxiliary axis cable (option), solenoid valve, air tube and I/0 cable for device control are integrated into the arm for easy cable handling.
  • Various intelligent features are available as an option, such as iRVision (integrated vision) and force sensing.
  • High performance R-30iB Mate controller enables reliable operation under a factory environment with dust and oil mist.
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