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FANUC Robot Loads & Unloads Crankshaft Spray System - Courtesy of Turbo Spray


In this crank shaft dampener spray system developed by Turbo Spray, a FANUC Robot is utilized to load and unload crank shafts as they are cycled through the system.

The outer rings and inner hubs of the crank shafts are sprayed with primer and adhesive top coat. The FANUC robot loads the parts onto the hub, and loads the outer ring fixtures.

The parts are pre-heated by the Turbo Spray high velocity ovens to temperatures of one-hundred-thirty degrees Fahrenheit. The parts are sprayed on Servo cylinders by the spray guns. These spray guns are specially designed by Turbo Spray -- A low pressure gun that is uniquely designed to a forty-five degree angle is utilized to spray the inside of the ring at a direct angle, resulting in an even coat on the part and an accurate start and stop.

Spray confirmation sensors verify that the part has been completely coated. This dampener spray system has a machine size of approximately 17 by 13 feet, and a fast cycle time of two parts every 16 seconds. To learn more about Turbo Spray and their full line of finishing systems, visit their website at

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