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Industrial Robot Path Planning Made Easy with FANUC Robotics Constant Path


This video features two FANUC Robots performing coordinated motion - A FANUC M-10iA robot rotates a basketball while a FANUC ARC Mate 120iC/10L robot follows the lines of the basketball with a glass marble. This process is created using Constant Path.

Teaching complex motion paths has become much easier with FANUC Robotics' Constant Path feature. Excellent coordination between multiple robots is one of the many benefits of Constant Path.

After the HOLD or EMERGENCY STOP buttons have been pressed, the robot can resume execution along the same path that was being executed prior to the HOLD or EMERGENCY STOP. As seen here, with Constant Path, the robot maintains the same path regardless of static or dynamic speed override changes. A path that has been tested and taught at a low speed override will be maintained when the program is executed at 100% override. Constant Path allows the robot to follow the same path, location and orientation, throughout the teaching process and during fault recovery.

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Key Robot Technology Demonstrated


Constant Path

M-2000iA Transfer Robot
  • Robot maintains the same path regardless of static or dynamic speed override changes.
  • Drastically reduces robot path teaching and verification time.
  • Robot maintains the same path if the program includes instructions, such as wait instructions for I/O for example, in order to modify playback.
  • Robot path is also maintained when the program is resumed after the motion is interrupted by a HOLD or other event.
  • The Constant Path option, available for all applications, maintains an uninterrupted path.
  • Advanced Constant Path option also available to give the user more direct control of the motion path and cycle time.
  • Advanced Constant Path option improves linear distance, corner region, process speed and maximum speed.
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