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Robot removing coatings from aerospace equipment


FANUC M-710iC robot removing coatings from aerospace equipment. The M-710iC robot blasts starch based media against the equipment to safely remove the coatings. Coatings are removed for inspections, to reduce weight and to renew corrosion protection. This process in more environmentally friendly than the alternative process which uses chemicals to remove the coatings. Benefits of using the M-710iC in this process include a controllable and consistent process, less use of media, and time savings. Near the end of the video, a monitor is shown giving a close up view of the removal process.


Key Technology Demonstrated

M-710 iC robot
  • Best joint speeds in its class maximizing cycle time and throughput.
  • One of the largest work envelopes in its class.
  • IP67 protection with the FoundryPRO option.
  • Multiple mounting solutions.
  • Compact size and ability to flip over and work behind itself maximizes flexibility for work cell design, and saves valuable floor space.
  • Built to withstand demanding industrial environments with high reliability.