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ADCO EnCompass RCP-15's Design, Speed, and Stainless Steel Construction Make it an Ideal Case Packing System


In this automated case packing system courtesy of ADCO, two FANUC robots are used to erect corrugated RSC blanks and then pack tri-seal cartons of candy into the formed cases. The system -- ADCO's EnCompass™ RCP-15 -- is designed to provide maximum flexibility, performance and reliability in a single, compact frame. The system can be configured to handle many types of products and cases, including retail-ready packages, at rates up to 15 cases per minute.


The EnCompass™ RCP-15 first features a food-grade FANUC LR Mate Series articulated arm robot. This robot, fitted with an adjustable end-of-arm tool, picks a knockdown RSC blank from the case magazine and places it against opposing vacuum cups. The case is then erected with robotic precision, indexed through compression and into the robotic loading station via a simple, walking-beam transfer.

The second robot in this system is a FANUC M-3iA/6-axis delta-style robot -- also food grade. The loading robot picks the cartons of candy, three-at-a-time, from an inbound product conveyor and places them into the awaiting case. The extra axes in the FANUC robot allow the cartons to be articulated, which eases the packing of cartons into cases and eliminates the need for separate flap control. Each case contains two layers, six cartons in all.

In addition to its small footprint, the EnCompass™ RCP-15 features stainless steel construction and an open design; making it easy to maintain and sanitize. With few moving parts and the use of FANUC robots, the EnCompass™ is ideal for packagers that demand flexibility, ease of operation and maximum uptime performance. The filled cases are then transferred through a Nordson ProBlue® hot melt sealing system (tape sealing optional) and discharged from the machine.

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Key Technology Demonstrated


FANUC LR Mate 200iC Robot

  • Offers maximum performance in a light, efficient, accurate and nimble (LEAN) package
  • Meets the automation needs of a variety of industries including electronics, medical devices, food, metals, plastics, and packaged and consumer goods
  • Its compact design and flexibility to quickly adapt to small lot sizes, new styles and other modifications provides manufacturers an affordable solution for small part, flexible production
  • The six-axis, LR Mate 200iC robot rates ‘best in class’ for its wrist load capacity, repeatability, work envelope, and speed
  • Multiple mounting options: floor, tabletop, inside machines, angle and invert, which maximizes flexibility for small and narrow workspaces

FANUC M-3iA Robot

  • Available in a 4-axis or 6-axis designs
  • iRVision and FANUC force control are supported on both models
  • Unique parallel-link design maximizes speed and acceleration
  • Higher speed and acceleration reduces number of robots needed for an application, condensing overall footprint of a manufacturing system
  • Six-axis design (three-axis wrist) enables part feeding from the sides of a work zone, increasing the useable workspace
  • Four-axis design (single-axis wrist) moves parts at extremely high speeds
  • Food option with food-grade grease features a special coating to handle acid and alkaline disinfectants, and low-pressure rinsing
  • Ability to work with primary (unpackaged) or secondary (packaged) food products
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