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Cleverly Automated Palletizing System Uses Vision-Equipped FANUC Robot to Palletize Small Parts


This robotic palletizing cell, courtesy of FANUC Robotics Authorized Integrator Automated Cells & Equipment, features the six-axis FANUC M-20iA Robot.


This robot performs three different functions in this work cell: Robotic machine tending, part washing and loading of aluminum disks into the blue plastic totes.

After removing an aluminum disk from the machine tool, the robot presents the part to a washer with integrated blow-off in order to clean the disks. The robot's end of arm tooling incorporates a mechanical gripper for handling these aluminum disks. The M-20iA robot then uses an on-board camera equipped with FANUC iRVision to verify placement of the parts into the totes. This camera is located on the robot's end of arm tooling. The end of arm tooling also includes a vacuum tool to handle the tier sheets placed between each completed layer of the parts. 

The FANUC M-20iA robot's versatility, along with ACE's innovative engineering and design make this system an ideal solution for the machining, washing and palletizing of a variety of small parts.

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