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Robotic Packaging Solutions


The FANUC M-420iA is a four-axis, modular construction, electric servo-driven robot with a 40 kg payload and a remote control unit. The M-420iA is designed for a variety of high-speed manufacturing applications including picking, packing, palletizing, material handling, machine load/unload and parts transfer. FANUC Robotics also offers the M-421iA, a two-axis variant of the M-420iA. The waist and wrist axes have been removed, making the M-421iA faster and able to handle payloads as high as 50 kg


Key Technology Demonstrated

M-420iA series 


  • Best-in-class performance
  • High speed
  • Handles secondary (packaged) food products
  • Special epoxy coating for wipe down and low pressure rinse with water and sanitizers 
  • Small footprint for tight work spaces
  • Dedicated-purpose four-axis packing robot
  • M-421iA is a two-axis variant
  • Food option available
  • Case packer and mini-palletizer
  • iRVision
  • Supports PalletPRO off-line palletizing simulation software
M-10iA series & M-20iA series 
  • Best in class features,
  • Six-axis flexibility for wide range of consumer products
  • Reliable packing
  • iRVision
M-710iC series
  • Six-axis flexibility
  • Food version available
  • Case packer and mini-palletizer
  • iRVision
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