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Robotic Palletizing Solutions


FANUC Robotics has a full range of picking, packing and palletizing robots for a complete solution. Designed to maximize flexibility with built-in machine vision – iRVision, they offer high speed operation to increase your productivity.


Key Technology Demonstrated


The R-2000iB/100H robot offers customers a wide range of benefits for compact palletizing applications, including:

  • Requires less floor space than the M-410iB robot
  • High-speed operation
  • Comparable case-per-minute rates to the M-410iB
  • Performance optimized for a single in/single out configuration
  • PalletTool software compatibility

The FANUC M-410iB features best in class performance, as the worlds fastest dedicated purpose palletizing robot with a heavy payload for palletizing, and de-palletizing, complimented by a long reach for simultaneous multiple line servicing

  • Dedicated purpose: world's fastest palletizing robot
  • The M-410iB has a 100kg payload at rates of 20 boxes per minute or 28 bags per minute
  • It's large work envelope gives it the capability to service multiple lines
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