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Single serving portion cups packed into cases


In this automated system, single-serving portion cups are packed into cases for shipment. The cups exit the filler on an indexing conveyor and are delivered to a FANUC M-420iA food-grade robot. The food grade option includes special covers, surface coatings, lubricants and fasteners suitable for food. Expiration dates are printed on the bottom of the cups while being transferred to the case. The robot picks an entire layer of cups from the filler and transfers it to the case. The robot gripper collapses in 2 directions to create an efficient packing pattern. A separate device automatically introduces a separator sheet between layers


Key Technology Demonstrated

M-420 iA robot
  • FANUC line tracking encoder with associated software to monitor part position on conveyor.
  • Highest motion speeds in its class for maximum performance and productivity.
  • Four-axes dexterity enables access to multiple packaging lines with one unit.
  • IP67 rating allowing them to work in harsh environments.
  • Highest payload in its class helps achieve maximum throughput by handling multiple parts.