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FANUC's Articulate 6-Axis Delta Robot Assembles Fan Blades 40% Faster Than Traditional Methods


The largest of FANUC Robotics delta-style family of robots, the FANUC M-3iA robot utilizes a unique, parallel-link structure to pick and place objects at rapid speeds with the largest work envelope of any robot in its class.


This application highlights the M-3iA's capabilities in robotically automated assembly. The robot is picking and placing fan blades into a blower fan assembly. The robot is able to locate the blades through use of a FANUC iRVision camera. This operation is 40% faster than other assembly methods

The M-3iA is ideal for both simple and complex assembly of electronics, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, office supplies, consumer products, and solar panels. A completely enclosed structure also makes it safe for food environments. Additionally, the M-3iA six-axis model has a three-axis, patent-pending wrist for complex assembly tasks. The extreme flexibility offered by the three-axis wrist enables the robot to pick up and insert parts at simple or compound angles, and twist parts into place, similar to the flexibility offered by a manual operator.

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