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Automated Robotic Spray System Applies Dry Film Lubricant to Small Parts


Traditionally, the spray coating of small parts has been applied by a manual sprayer or a fixed spray gun. A table-top spray system applies dry film lubricant to the inside and outside surfaces of small parts loaded on a spindle. The Paint Mate 200iA robot increases production speed, quality and repeatability. With a 5 kilogram payload, most any spray applicator may be mounted to the robot wrist. The Paint Mate 200iA offers a flexible and affordable solution to small parts coating needs.

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Key Technology Demonstrated

Paint Mate 200iA Robot
  • Precise Gun To Target Placement
  • Application Accuracy
  • Flexibility For Future Applications
  • Increased Productivity
  • Total Process Control
  • Color iPendant Control
  • High Motion Performance
  • Fits Into All Existing Booths
  • All Direction Installation
  • 5 KG Payload Provides Mounting Flexibility
  • Hazardous Rating Enables Operations In Severe Environment
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