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Stamping Press To Press Transfer


This Press to Press system has increased quality, increased throughput and reduced labor costs since the installation of FANUC Robots. A FANUC R-2000iA destacks blanks utilizing modular tooling suction cups and double blank analyzers. A different R-2000iA equipped with a FANUC Robotics 2D camera, locates and picks up a blank from a “gage table” and loads the part into the draw press. Inter press robots transfer parts down the press line through the final press and onto a conveyor belt.


Key Technology Demonstrated

  • R-2000 iA – with industry leading reliability.
  • R-2000 iA has a full 6 axes articulation to allow complete flexibility for handling large parts
  • Position compensation of the blank by FANUC Vision System (2D camera).
  • Using FANUC Vision to acquire vision offsets, Eliminates the need for an expensive gage
  • Elimination of down time caused by the gage table.
  • Reduction of die change time by eliminating the gage table change-over time.
  • Widest motion range in class with J3 flip-over and all mounting position
  • Labor reduction and Increased Throughput
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