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FANUC M-1iA Training Robot Uses Vision in Pick and Place Application


The FANUC Robotics CERT Program certifies instructors at high schools, trade schools, community colleges and universities to train their students to program FANUC industrial robots through on-line and hands-on training courses. All CERT training carts like the one featured in this video, can be utilized in a classroom setting.

This CERT robot is the FANUC M-1iA/0.5A, a six-axis robot equipped with FANUC iRVision. The robot picks copper pipe cleaners of two different colors, that are randomly-located on an incoming conveyor, and places them onto a tray. The M-1iA Robot then transfers the parts to an outgoing conveyor, and the cycle repeats. This demonstration is used to showcase the robot's ability to pick and place parts that are of different color and are randomly-located using the iRVision camera.

Now, more than ever, companies are incorporating robotics into their operations, and the demand for high-paying careers related to designing, implementing and using industrial robots in increasing. 

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Key Technology Demonstrated


FANUC Certified Education Robot Training Program

Schools can use the new package to integrate robot training into their programs and initiatives. Some of the successful approaches used by educational institutions are:

Education Robot Training

  • Integration of robotic automation to teach design and manufacturing concepts.
  • Creation of new courses and project-based activities to prepare students to work with robotic automation.
  • Add robotic automation facilitated learning to Career Technical Education programs.
  • Integrate CERT program with career cluster curriculum.
  • Apply industrial robot training to engineering technology curriculum.
  • Add CERT program to community workforce retraining initiatives.
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