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Loading Robot Unloads Large Injection Mold Machine


A FANUC Robotics six axis M-710iB/70T top-loader robot pulls a molded plastic part from a large plastic injection molding cell. The M-710iB/70T then carries the part to a table and performs an automated tool change. The robot trims and removes any plastic gating from the part with a cutting tool. After all gating has been removed; the robot performs another tool change and relocates the part to an out feed conveyor to complete the cycle. This automated process then starts over with a new molded plastic part. The FANUC iRVision system is a ready-to-use robotic vision package, available on all FANUC robots, requiring only a camera and cable – no additional processing hardware.

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Key Technology Demonstrated

M-710iB/70T Robot
  • Combines the advantages of a linear gantry (large, scaleable work envelope with limited floorspace requirements) and a FANUC six-axis articulated robot (dexterity, high reliability and maintainability).
  • Services multiple vertical and/or horizontal machines.
  • Adapts easily to existing plant layouts.
  • Improves machine productivity by as much as 30 percent.
  • “Best in class” wrist moments and inertia meet a variety of heavy handling challenges.
  • Proven reliable FANUC Servo drives provide the highest uptime and productivity.
  • Robust mechanical design reduces down time, increases mean time between failure.
  • High performance motion yields fast cycle times and high throughput. 
  • Fully integrated iRVision system delivers high performance 2-D and 3-D machine vision capabilities with FANUC reliability.
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