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Unloading Okuma Machine Tools


Innovative machine tool automation begins with using the plan view to perform the layout of the machine tools with the robot automation. 3D simulation can be used to evaluate the position of the robot rail to properly access each of the machine tool chucks. Use of an M-710iC 70 kilogram top loader robot frees up floor space since columns can be spaced up to 10 meters apart. Use of a 2 part gripper increases system productivity by reducing the time required to unload the finished part and load the raw part. High speed robot rail moves can decrease the cycle time required to move between machine tools


Key Technology Demonstrated


M-710iC/T Robot

  • Improves machine productivity by as much as 30 percent.
  • Services multiple vertical and/or horizontal machines.
  • Frees up floor space.
  • Software settable rail speed of 2.5m/s or 3m/s.
  • Rail travels from 7.2m to 46.2m and longer.
  • Performs value-added processing operations such as gauging, deburring, deflashing and labeling, in addition to basic material handling tasks.