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Multiple FANUC Welding Robots Weld Tool Box Brackets (Welding Simulation)


A FANUC R-1000iA robot uses a spot welding gun to weld the brackets at the top of a toolbox. Two FANUC ARC Mate 100iC welding robots proceed to simulate welding using coordinated motion software. A two-axis positioner is used which allows the part to tilt during welding. This helps maintain an optimum torch angle. It also rotates to reposition the part to the opposite side.

Prior to welding the part, two ARC Mate 100iC robots run through the iRVision Torch Mate to verify condition of the torch tips. The FANUC R-1000iA robot uses iRVision Weld Tip Inspection to verify the alignment and condition of the spot welding tips. The two FANUC ARC Mate 100iC robots use iRVision to locate welding paths.

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Key Technology Demonstrated


R-1000iA Robot

  • A large operating space (including its rear and downward side) due to a serial link configuration.
  • High-speed approach from home to working position and fast positioning in short pitch motion can minimize the required time of process.
  • The R-30iA robot controller enables intelligent functions including integrated vision and networking options.
  • The R-1000iA is made as slim as possible in width and provides accessibility to adjacent robots, fixtures, and workpieces.

ARC Mate 100iC Robot

  • Process specific arm protects and minimizes wear of the torch cable.
  • Highest motion speeds in class for maximum performance and productivity.
  • Best in class reach versus stroke ratio.
  • Compact design simplifies installation and transportation of system.
  • Offers an extremely large work envelope useful for large parts or complex tooling.
  • Extremely fast wrist axes reduces aircut times, thus improving throughput.
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