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FANUC Robotics CERT Programs Teach Robotics and Enhance Employees’ Skills

Students who are certified to use FANUC robots have an advantage in finding a job, and are able to command better jobs.

The demand for high-paying manufacturing jobs significantly outweighs the supply in today’s economy. Individuals entering and reentering the work force need every advantage to find good employment. Résumé-enhancing skills and certifications are a great way for employees to set themselves apart from others in a highly competitive job market. It does not matter what industry you are looking in – whether it is aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical, research, consumer goods’ production, or even alternative energy - if you can enhance your education and skill set, you are going to make yourself more appealing to an employer. FANUC Robotics’ CERT Program, available to schools throughout North America, makes training easily accessible to students looking to enhance their skills by learning about the exciting field of robotics.

FANUC Robot Education

Since 1982, FANUC Robotics America Corporation has been designing, engineering, and manufacturing innovative robots and robotic solutions for companies all over the world. With over 250,000 robots installed worldwide, it is no wonder that FANUC Robotics is the leader in industrial automation. It is also not surprising that with such a huge installation base, there is a major demand for employees to be certified to use FANUC robots. Understanding this demand, FANUC Robotics created the Certified Education Robot Training or CERT Program. FANUC Robotics’ education initiative, CERT, is a way to balance increasing academic curriculum requirements with relevant technical career education.

The CERT Program offers students the opportunity not only to learn about real world industrial automation, but also to prepare for it. Students who are certified to use FANUC robots have an advantage in finding a job, and are able to command better jobs. One CERT instructor, trained by FANUC Robotics personnel, responded in a recent survey that, “It (CERT) helps my students get jobs, bottom line. Some of my kids are making 30 to 40 dollars an hour since they have become certified. I wish I made that.”

FANUC Robot Education Mobile Cell

FANUC Robotics' CERT Program is available for purchase exclusively to High Schools, Universities, Community Colleges, Technical Colleges, Vocational Schools, and Adult Education Centers. The CERT program is unique to its competitors because it offers students the opportunity to learn about robotics on actual industrial robots. The CERT cell typically consists of robots placed on self-contained mobile carts. The ready to use robot fits through standard doorways, and can be plugged into a 110 volt outlet.

FANUC Robotics offers two robot models within its CERT program: the highly functional, servo-driven, table-top sized LR Mate robot, and a high-speed parallel-link or M-1iA Genkotsu robot. Each robot model is designed to teach the fundamentals of robot programming that can be applied to most industries. Students learn basic robot training with the help of eLEARN, an online student training program. In addition, the students can program the robot using a fully operational version of FANUC Robotics’ own simulation software, ROBOGUIDE®. ROBOGUIDE, equipped with robots from the entire FANUC Robotics' robot library, allows the students to program a virtual robot, load that program onto the real robot, and then see the robot perform its assigned tasks. Students use what they have learned in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to build programs that can be articulated to real robots. This is a great tool, not only to teach students who are enhancing their skills while they search for a job in robotics, but also to introduce younger students to the possibility of a future robotics career.

FANUC M-1iA Picking Robot

There are several CERT cart options available for purchase, such as iRVision software to teach identification and inspection, a conveyor belt to teach line tracking, Force Sensing to teach precision movements, or a solar panel for energy efficiency. Each CERT cart option plays an important role toward giving students a better understanding of the industries and applications using industrial automation today. This creates an extensive hands-on environment in which students want to learn, and love what they are learning. Instructors tell us that “It (CERT) is wildly popular with the students, and they love using it!” (1)

Students aren’t the only ones who benefit from the CERT program. Instructors at schools can become certified to teach courses after they have completed the required steps for certification. Our FANUC Robotics instructors are able to certify teachers and professors to teach classes even if they start the process with little or no robotic experience. They will learn robotics from the ground up through the completion of online coursework and through live demonstrations and hands-on training at any FANUC Robotics location. After the instructors have completed the online and live portion of their training, they are required to pass an online certification exam, and provide other verification materials such as course outlines and course material videos to FANUC Robotics for approval. The certification timeline can be flexible based on the instructor’s schedule.

FANUC Education Robot Cell - LR Mate 200iC

The CERT Program is still very new to the education market but it has already won over several fans throughout North America. Of the schools surveyed that are currently using the FANUC Robotics CERT Program, over 96% said that they would recommend it to other schools. They find their CERT cell to be a “great teaching tool” and that their “students benefit a great deal from the CERT program.” One recent survey respondent said, “Most of my students have little to no knowledge of robotic operations/programming when they begin a course. By the end of the course, the students are efficient with basic robot operations and programming. The program has been phenomenal from my point of view.”

For almost 30 years, FANUC Robotics America Corporation has been the leader in industrial automation. Now, with the CERT Program, FANUC Robotics is helping to produce the next generation of industrial automation leaders.

(1) Response in recent survey from current CERT Customers.

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