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Error Proofing Using iRVision


What is Error Proofing?

Error Proofing in automation relates to the ability of a system to either prevent an error in a process or detect it before further operations are performed.

  • Example Preventative Method: Part present proximity switch.
  • Example Detection Method: Pressure test on an AC system.

Error proofing can be performed on every manufactured part, or can be used to monitor critical components of a process.

The REAL Cost of Quality

Corporations can consume 6 to 24% of their production budget on scrap, rework, repair, warranty. Quality focused Corporations like Toyota consume only 3%. (Source Benchmarking Study)

Six Sigma 80/20 rule: 80% of process defects arise from 20% of the process issues. Control these few issues, and reduce scrap by 80%

“Error Proofing” Applications Using iRVision

  • Small Camera mounted in the tooling on or off the robot.
  • Visual check of features
  • Adds quality control value to customer at low cost
  • Unique Advantage with FANUC
  • Processing hardware and software is built into the robot

10 Common Error Proofing Applications

Presence / Absence holes, fasteners, washers, o-rings, labels, markings
Orientation Check are the parts right side up
Alignment Check are the parts rotated properly, pre or post assembly
Clearance Check is the tool or part clear for an operation
Size / Fit Check is the hole the right size and in the correct position, are components the proper length
Product Integrity cap or lid on properly, package properly sealed
Part Identification feature matching, correct label
Kitting and Counting Are the correct products in the container, is the correct amount of product present (volume or number), are there threads in a hole
Connectivity Check no breaks in a bead of sealant
Manual Process Validation did the operator load all the correct parts into the tool


Application Examples

Assembly Validation

Identify that all critical components have been assembled and are in the correct location.


Package Validation

Many Applications in the Food Packaging Industry require validation of packaging.


Pre-Package Validation

Validate the ase / box packaging prior to filling.


Marking Verification

Question - Has the part been marked? Precise part locating is not required Part Geometry Locates where label should be.


Label Verification

Identify that the product label is present. Label does not have to maintain exact shape


Orientation Check

Identify if product is mis-oriented. Identify if the parts are in the correct orientation.


Over Flash Detection

Even very fine details like plason a part or process can be error proofed.


Hole Present

Identify that all pierced and laser cut holes are present Check that holes are approximately the correct size


Stud, and Threaded Weld Nut Process Check

  • Check if weld nuts are present
  • Check if studs are present
  • Check if Threads are there. (Thread Count, Pitch Check)


Are all the pieces the correct length +/- a tolerance.


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