Saturday, December 15, 2007
FANUC Robotics in the News - Dec 07

FANUC Robotics and its integrators are regularly featured in a variety of publications and Websites. The following lists recent articles in the news:

Welding Magazine – Challenges of robotic aluminum MIG welding

Welding aluminum with robotic MIG welding equipment presents many challenges. The aluminum MIG process is not as forgiving as steel and requires special control to achieve successful results. A good understanding of the welding process, and how to control it from the robot is critical.

Manufacturing Engineering Automating with Vision (Cover Story)

Robotic 3-D vision technologies, overhead gantry robots, and other developments in robotics and automation gear are enabling new ways for manufacturers to boost factory efficiencies.

MetalformingPress Automation Proves ‘Future-Proof’ (Cover Story)

Modular equipment, having evolved greatly over the last decade, now is optimized for pressroom performance, ready to either upgrade existing automated press cells or to relieve press operators of taxing blank-handling chores.

Composites World – Robotic trimming radically shortens Corvette fender production cycle

Plasan USA (Bennington, Vt.) molds the Chevrolet Z06 Corvette’s front fenders with hand layed, autoclave-cured carbon/epoxy prepreg. Until recently, however, manual deflashing, trimming and drilling of the demolded parts consumed more than an hour to meet requirements for edge quality and fastener hole location accuracy.

Panel World – Plum Creek Completes Robotic Veneer Plugging Line

Plum Creek is moving ahead with robotic veneer plugging lines after the recent installation and complete startup of a new seven-cell line at its Evergreen softwood plywood plant here, following the successful installation last year of a four-cell line just up the road at the company’s Columbia Falls plant.