Tuesday, February 27, 2007
Read All About....FANUC Robotics
FANUC Robotics' LR Mate Mini Robot is Featured in a Recent Cover Story

FANUC Robotics and its integrators are regularly featured in a variety of publications and Websites. The following lists recent articles in the news:


Plant (Canada)    FANUC Robotics voted best robot manufacturer by Plant readers


Plant readers have selected FANUC Robotics as the best articulated robot manufacturer. 

FANUC Robotics received 40 percent of the vote for brand recognition, loyalty, best product range, quality and service.  Read the full story.  (Click on the link to Plant’s Jan. 2007 issue and select “Plant Picks” on the left menu).


Welding Design & Fab – Why Robot?


The welding robot, once seen only in large-scale operations such as auto production lines and oilfield pipeline shops, has been finding employment in successively smaller shops.  So, if welding robots are readily available, why isn't one in your shop?  Read the full story. 



Milwaukee Journal Sentinel  - Hartford foundry breaks the mold


 With $125 million in sales a year and 675 employees, Signicast is one of the largest foundries of its kind in North America. It has carved a niche in an industry that's faced tough foreign competition, largely from Asia.  The company uses robots, an automated material-handling system and other technology to accelerate the production process and remain competitive. Read the full story. 



Medical Design Magazine - How Robots Improve Medical Manufacturing


Recent improvements to robotic technology let even small and mid-sized firms cut costs assembling, inspecting, transferring, and packaging parts such as stents, shunts, and catheters.  Companies can purchase robots directly from their manufacturer or work with an integrator. These firms help select and install the correct robot as well as design, test, and verify programs to run it. Some integrators also build associated packaging equipment and components in the robot's end-of-arm tooling (EOAT). Read the full story. 



Packaging World – Automation is Tip-Top at Siptop


 Two robotic cells may be the main attraction on this Canadian beverage maker’s new line. But home-grown packaging solutions, especially in pouch-filling, are also crucial.  Read the full story.