Tuesday, February 27, 2007
The Latest News from Save Your Factory
In just two years a wide range of organizations have joined Save Your Factory

If you are challenged to increase efficiency, reduce costs and stay competitive in a global market, now is the time to evaluate your manufacturing processes.  Make sure to visit the Save Your Factory Website, which features several new enhancements, including:


-                      An audiocast with testimonials of manufacturers who have embraced productivity-enhancing robotic technologies to become globally competitive. 

-                      An interactive ROI calculator to help you estimate the payback of robotic automation

-                      New articles that discuss the key issues of quality achievements, improved efficiency, cost advantages, off-shoring pitfalls and viability.


In just two years, a wide range of organizations and individuals have joined the Save Your Factory coalition, including equipment suppliers, system integrators, government representatives, associations, and publishers.  We are committed to helping manufacturers understand that industrial robots and automation will combat the economic lure of moving manufacturing offshore. 


Utilizing as many communications opportunities as possible, we’ve had a great deal of success getting the message out and creating higher awareness.  Below is a listing of our key accomplishments:


-                      Creating the Website http://www.saveyourfactory.com/ which contains resources that will help companies consider their alternatives, including testimonials and an ROI calculator

-                      Growing the consortium to include nearly 20 organizations

-                      Participating in industry forums focused on manufacturing competitiveness

-                      Exhibiting at manufacturing tradeshows to showcase the benefits of robotic automation.

-                      Speaking at manufacturing conferences

-                      Promoting the message to the media