Thursday, June 28, 2007
FANUC Robotics eLearn Online Training Offers Self-Paced Learning
The eLearn courses are self-paced learning tools

FANUC Robotics’ eLearn Training offerings are growing. FANUC Training has recently released HandlingTool Operation and Programming which includes six modules: Frames, Input/Output, Program Instruction, Macro Commands, Robot Setup for Production, and File Management. This course is a continuation of the Robot Operations eLearn course, an introductory robotics class that includes basic robot terminology and operational skills.


The eLearn courses are self-paced learning tools that allow users to access information and move through materials based on their specific interests or needs. The course content and structure is based on an assessment of concepts and skills taught at FANUC Robotics America’s training facility. For more information on FANUC Robotics eLearn courses email:




-          Easy-to-use interface for simple navigation

-          Access to content through modules that target specific areas of interest or need

-          Provides self-assessment through Progress Check and Mastery Challenge testing

-          Automatically bookmarks progress through the course based on username logon and password identification, making identification of completed modules easily recognizable

-          Provides printable Quick Reference Guides for step-by-step instructions to accomplish tasks for future reference

-          On-demand detailed reporting of student’s progress and completion




-          Self-paced learning when you need it

-          Offers instant feedback, letting students know about areas that may need review

-          Use as a primer to instructor-led courses held at FANUC Robotics America’s Rochester Hills, MI facility

-          Diminishes the time users spend away from their primary job function for training

-          Reduces travel expenses to attend basic operations training

-          Can be used as a refresher course, due to constant personnel changes

-          Provides customers the latest in Instructional Design

-          CEU accreditation available


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