Wednesday, February 27, 2008
FANUC Robotics in the News - February 2008
Averna Vision & Robotics (AV&R) featured in cover story.

FANUC Robotics and its integrators are regularly featured in a variety of publications and Websites. The following lists recent articles in the news:


Vision Systems DesignRobotic System Mimics Human Inspection Tasks (Cover)


Averna Vision & Robotics (AV&R) in Montreal has developed a system that mimics human inspection using a robot, a combination of lighting, and multiple cameras.  To simulate the operator sitting at a workstation moving the part between several inspection sections, a robot handles and moves parts so that multiple images can be obtained at different acquisition stations using off-the-shelf cameras, lighting, and I/O controllers.


Modern Machine Shop – Flexible Automation Process Helps Shop Reduce Costs


TMF Center, a Williamsport, Indiana-based manufacturer of components for the construction equipment and trucking industries, developed a long-term strategy for using automation to develop and manufacture tight-tolerance parts and achieve aggressive cost targets.


Tooling & Production Articulated robots win points for flexibility and dexterity (Cover)


As a result of the advancements of automation in general and robotics in particular, the assembly process is faster, more efficient, and more precise than ever before. Fortunately, as each new generation of robot technology is introduced, speed and performance improve and costs decrease.


Foundry Management & TechnologyEfficient Heat Treatment for Aluminum-Intensive Components


Today, faced with higher quality and cost pressures, manufacturers are looking for efficient, high-volume heat-treating methods for aluminum components.


Production MachiningHandling Parts in a Robotic Cell


This article reviews the workhandling challenges a shop faces as it moves a part through a robotic cell, from serving up the blanks to the transfer of the final workpiece to post processing and gaging. Productivity, Inc. takes the reader through a few of their cells that they've installed using FANUC robots and a variety of other machine tool equipment.